Botmotion EV Platform


BotEVThe Botmotion EV Platform has now been released and we are happy to share information about design, construction and development of an electric car.

While commercial EV’s have started a major transformation of transport for the 21st century, the increased availability of high performance batteries and electric drive systems at reducing costs is a huge benefit to amateur designers and builders, simplifying and opening new opportunities in car design and construction.

The Botmotion platform presents a simple lightweight and flexible EV platform that can be built at home and is suited to a range of vehicle types, battery and motor sizes.  Essentially it comprises of a large battery box which also doubles as the main structure of the car on which suspension, motors and passenger cells are mounted.  It is uses dual or quad motor layouts with a simple belt or chain drive.

The Botmotion platform is an economical approach with the majority of costs required for sourcing  electrical components such as batteries, motors and controllers.

Wayne Prangnell, November 2013


A Simple, Overkill, Electric Car

Review from Hack a Day


If you’re building an electric car nowadays, you’re probably looking at taking a normal, gas-powered car and replacing the engine and transmission with an electric motor and batteries. [Gahaar] thought this is a rather dumb idea; all the excesses of an internal combustion-powered car, such as exhaust, cooling, differential, and fuel storage is completely unnecessary. Building a new electric car from the frame up is a vastly more efficient means of having your own electric car. So that’s what he did.

[Gahaar] build his new chassis around a single box made of 3mm aluminum sheet. Attached to this box are two AC induction motors at the rear of the car, negating the need for a differential, with 45 lithium cells stuffed into the middle of the box. There’s no gearbox here, greatly reducing the complexity of the build, and with the batteries providing 145V and 100Ah, this simple car…

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